Friday, April 17, 2009

take a dip in the cesspool

Bump, bump, bump, bump, goes the drum in my chest. Beating in time with the fear resonating throughout my body, exploding through my trembling fingertips. While the darkness swallows me whole, I can hardly wrap my mind around the pit of acidity waiting for me at the bottom of this 10-inch pipe. My wings have broken and I can no longer fly, fly away from this place. A place only in my head that no one knows, this is where evil grows, and where the monsters under your bed reside when you don’t believe anymore. This is where innocence is lost and seeing is believing. Swallowed by the greedy mouth of reality, escape is no longer plausible. Fear is floating further and further away from the slowing drum, oxygen is no longer a necessity, and freedom is finally here.

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