Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, sweetiepie, something about octopi.

You were right,
I am different.

My heart doesn’t have strings,
it has tentacles.
They’ll wrap around you
and adorn you in suction cup kisses.

If you scare me,
I’ll build inky word walls
between us so I can get away-
I don’t want to listen to you
talk about how I have
no skeleton, unlike you
and how I can hold
onto more at once than you
and how I have
more heart(s) than you…
so I couldn’t possibly understand.

If my escape isn’t fleet enough,
please promise you won’t
sever my tentacles.
(Heartstrings can be retied,
tentacles are another matter;
not all of us are capable
of autotomy.)

I swear I wasn’t trying
to crack your wooden ribs…
It’s just that this is the only way
I know how to love you.

But I will let go,
if you ask it of me.
I will detach myself,
and I hope you will feel it,
every suction cup kiss
being ripped away
as I sink down
where tentacle-hearts

1 comment:

  1. this is why i want to write with you. i love your brain, i love how wonderfully descriptive your words are, how they wrap themselves around me, not unlike a tentacle, and i suddenly feel every syllable.