Saturday, November 21, 2009

how will you know?

you are made of snowflakes, and i am two-thousand,
three hundred and forty seven degrees farenheit.
as if you'd live long enough to read the thermometer.

i can see the city below me, it's four hundred
thread count shimmering in the light of the
dawn's arrival.
no way will i let you win, no way will you stand to lose.

i am swimming through space, i am swimming through
space to reach your open hands.

when i wake up, love will still be there.


if you haven't noticed, i haven't changed the photo. it will be up for one more week, as it has not yet been written on. if it is still not written on by that friday, it will be business as usual and the photo will change.

-atticus, your ever so friendly blog-master.

Friday, November 6, 2009


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Feel free to write multiple pieces if you feel that inspired, although you aren't required to write for every prompt. You won't be removed as an author unless you go four consecutive posts without writing or contacting me at all, or you ask to be removed.

Ebracing my Humanity.

“I’m going to be a fox” she said
“did you know they mate for life?”
I told her I knew. And she asked
“what animal do you want to be?”

I don’t want to be a fox.
I don’t want to be a lion.
I don’t even want to be a bird.
So I told her “human”

I want to be human,
with the choice
To be faithful,
To be strong,
And live free.

I want to be the best human I can be.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


slender necks, i think.

your fingers, black with soot, writhe at your sides. i know you are anticipating my next move, sizing me up.
you are no bigger than a breadbox!

but somehow i know better than to underestimate your razorwire wit, the poison in your tone. your teeth and claws are the least of my worry.

no fangs can lay into me the way that your words have.

oh, to love a monster. to love that which knows only destruction, which knows only the destruction that love brings. your best intentions have left me more scarred than your worst, i'll admit.
it's hard to love you, to endure this constant struggle, this teeth-bared-eyes-gleaming-muscles-twitching sort of affair.

but it's harder not to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

oh lumberjack, save me now.

Oh world,
What soft legs you have.

“The better to draw you in with
My dear”

Oh life,
What beautiful eyes you have.

“The better to trance you with
My dear”

Oh love,
What gorgeous smile you have.

“The better to gobble you up and
show you the true darkness with
My dear”