Saturday, April 4, 2009


Walking through a crowded mall on a saturday afternoon is never a good idea for me. Maybe it's the smell of all those fucking children running around begging their parents for just one tiny toy almost like a whore begging on her knees. Tilting their pretty blonde little head back. I cant grasp the idea that children are innocent. Thats what children remind me of. Going down to that nasty lake (with god knows what kind of foul things float in there) and going underwater for a brief minute, imagining you are a fish or a sea monster. I used to pretend I was being forgiven for my sins. washing them away like it was that fucking simple. why didnt i just get in the damn bathtub? then at least i could have been floating in MY OWN filth. now, all I can think of when I see a mother and child, is how many dicks she had to suck before she spit out that thing and actually felt bad for what she'd done. washing away her sins. Then I picture it. The soccer mom with cum dripping from her face. The susie homemaker with legs spread like a fucking cellar door. Drowning herself in water, trying to be forgiven.


  1. cellar door. the most beautiful phrase in the english language.

    but, more importantly. explicit or not, this is definitely a great piece. i like that you took a different approach. your harsh language is used well-- in ways that elicit emotion, not just tossed in with no reason.

  2. i agree with a.
    your use of explicity really takes the reader to an emmotional extreme.
    it was beautifully written.

  3. This is great, I love the direction it takes. I'm not usually a fan of excessive vulgarity but it's all very appropriate here. Great job.


    i was worried i would offend someone.

  5. Such a different take on it! That's commendable.