Friday, January 15, 2010

It's over.
I don't mind running it, but if no one is writing, and no one is giving feedback to make it better/telling me how to encourage more writers to write, then i don't see the point.

i figure if i want to write on prompts i can and don't need a blog with inactive members to do so.

thank you all for your contributions, but if you're not really interested in this as an active community, then i am not interested in posting every two weeks for just myself.

if someone actually wants to be part of a writing project and has the time/is willing to dedicate some to it, then feel free to contact me.



Friday, January 1, 2010



You have two weeks from today to write a piece of any kind about the photo. The rules are that simple-- literal, abstract, short story, poem, prose, etc. All styles are welcome, just use the photo as a starting point. After the new photo is posted, you may not post writing from previous weeks' photos.
Feel free to write multiple pieces if you feel that inspired, although you aren't required to write for every prompt. You won't be removed as an author unless you you ask to be removed.