Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lost among the pages of you.

your smile, it's beautiful.
and I dont even mean the physical
looks of it.
just the idea, the concept,
makes me blush.

you're happy; that's what I live for.
it's not even your features that
pull me in to your magneton.

you are beautiful like a well written book.
strong and mysterious on the outside.
drawing me in.
making me long,
to know what's inside.

I just want to read the story of your life.
I need to get lost in the
fine written imagery
that makes you amazing.

when it comes down to it,
we are all the same.
our features may vary,
but we are as the water;
no matter where it is,
uniform and constant.

we live our lives like robots.
repeating this monotonous life
over and over in our minds.

to the naked eye, we are the same.
we look the same. we sound the same.
we laugh and mourn alike.

but when i look at you, i see so much more.
i just want to sit in a comfortable spot,
and read the story scribed in your personality.

I just mirror a smile back to you,
as I reread my favorite phrase,
I love you. I love you. I love you.


  1. i felt like i didn't know for sure that it was about the photo until the one symbolic line about robotic lives. i love the piece, though.

  2. yeah. looking back P realize I totally vered away from the photo prompt. I started typing something and then it kinda just developed into something else. oh well. ha

  3. that's fine, sometimes a photo becomes only a jumping off point and not so much a subject. sometimes, that's just the way it inspires you. if we all wrote from the same perspective it wouldn't be nearly as exciting. :]