Friday, July 24, 2009

life is the preparation for answers.

thats all this world is.
war, death,
crime, punishment.
we fear that what we
can not explain.

this life is our grave.
its only when we have
completed our
death sentence
that we learn to live.

they gaze back at us
below. somewhere
naked to the eye  they
rejoice. somewhere
sprawled among the
grass we lay.

unanswered questions
will keep baking in the sun
until the day we pass from
one life to another.

until the day we pass
from death to life...

Week Ten

Week Ten, July 24th.
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You have two weeks from today to write a piece of any kind about the photo. The rules are that simple-- literal, abstract, short story, poem, prose, etc. All styles are welcome, just use the photo as a starting point. After the new photo is posted, you may not post writing from previous weeks' photos.
Feel free to write multiple pieces if you feel that inspired, although you aren't required to write for every prompt. You won't be removed as an author unless you go four consecutive weeks without writing or contacting me at all, or you ask to be removed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

open sesame

[this piece falls under the week 9 prompt]

mother always told me never to trust strangers.
like I ever listened to her about anything.
nothing like a little exploration.

I just think she never learned to open up.
she never realized that meeting others
required opening doors without
expecting something inparticular
on the other side.

some fearless mother bear she was.
always bitching about the differences
between her and the people I brought
home for her to meet.

no matter who came walking through
our house door, she could sense the
details about humanity she would

I'm sick of making excuses for her &
that damn conservative background.

she is just affraid.

affraid to meet someone different,
who has a personality of gold.

affraid to open the door,
and find some place beautiful.