Tuesday, April 14, 2009


oh! boy, you'll thank me for this one day.

i've meticulously taken
all that flesh and bone and turned you into
someone much more

i've fixed you.

i peeled off skin like a
tangerine in the summer heat
wiping my hands as i worked;
putting you in that metal shell
was the best decision we ever made.

the only thing i couldn't save was your
pumping, feebly sensitive yet explosive heart.

but trust me darling, you are better off without.

because i cannot love you forever,
i remember once,
before you were all dials and
lights, i told you,
"having a heart is like an evolutionary step
in the wrong direction."

you cried when i did,
and i'm positive i could feel
that explosive heart
wringing itself around your ribs
to try and escape,
kill me for what i was calling it.
i could feel you
wanting to, too. but
that anti-darwinistic,
four chambered,
sissy son-of-a-bitch
just wasn't having any of it.

instead you just cried, and loved me all the same.
but i keep reminding you,

you will be


  1. You! You're so marvelous! I feel so lucky to know you!

    I love the direction you took with this. This is one of my favorite pieces of your writing.

  2. I absolutely adore this!!! So much. Like Arienette said, I love the direction you took with it (and I too feel lucky to know you). Keep it up darling, you feed me with your words.