Friday, December 4, 2009


I am honestly, a little disappointed with all of my authors right now. It's hard to have an active community when there is only one [maybe two] posts per photo. I switched to a two week at the request of your guys, and that obviously didn't change anything, as I am the only one consistently writing, and the absolutely only one critiquing anything. What can I do to make you guys interested in writing? Please give me suggestions.

Now, back to your usual programming::


You have two weeks from today to write a piece of any kind about the photo. The rules are that simple-- literal, abstract, short story, poem, prose, etc. All styles are welcome, just use the photo as a starting point. After the new photo is posted, you may not post writing from previous weeks' photos.
Feel free to write multiple pieces if you feel that inspired, although you aren't required to write for every prompt. You won't be removed as an author unless you go four consecutive posts without writing or contacting me at all, or you ask to be removed.


  1. Babe, I suck at writing. It was fun trying it but it's not something I'm eloquent enough to keep up with. But I do read everything that gets written here and I find it quite inspirational. I just don't think I can be an author.

  2. jennnn, i don't think you suck at writing. you've written a few pieces and they have been very powerful. i would honestly rather leave you as an author and hope that you write every now and again. :]

  3. Well I do enjoy having the option :) I just don't want to disappoint!

  4. i'm just disappointed with my twelve authors [and at least five more people who have been promising to join for MONTHS.] and how little anyone posts. ethan and i are the only ones posting for a lot of things, and even when authors aren't writing, they aren't commenting either. even if people don't write every week, i'd like the crit part to be active.