Friday, May 1, 2009

Week Five

Week Five, May 1st.
To see more by this artist, please visit here.

You have until next Friday, May 8th, to write a piece of any kind about the photo. The rules are that simple-- literal, abstract, short story, poem, prose, etc. All styles are welcome, just use the photo as a starting point. After Friday, you may not post writing from previous weeks' photos.
Feel free to write multiple pieces if you feel that inspired, although you aren't required to write every week. You won't be removed as an author unless you go four consecutive weeks without writing or contacting me at all, or you ask to be removed.


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  2. What I meant to say was, you put week four instead of 5 up thurrr under the photo.

    Why does blogspot have an obsession with not fully deleting things?