Saturday, May 2, 2009

last saturday, 8:02pm

"don't fucking tell me what to do. you always think you can.
goddamnit, i'm my own person. i don't need you.
so stop it. stoppitstoppitstoppit."

i'm sorry.
i don't... know... what got into me."

"do you mind if i smoke?"


what is it? what else do you have to say?
please, humour me."

"i don't need the attitude...
i just-"

"do you have a light?"

"you always do this."

"do what? what is it that i always do?
what makes me so fucking intolerable?
i don't know why im even-"

"i love you"

what am i supposed to do with that?
goddamnit, is that supposed to make everything better?
is that supposed to be some shining fucking light that washes it all away?"

"no i just thought..."

"what did you think?
that i would drop everything, run weeping into your arms, look into your eyes and-
fucking hell, where is my lighter?
look, i'm not going to deal with this.
i have to go."

"i'll still love you"



  1. this upsets me so much. it's such a simple dialogue, but i love the lack of description, the lack of a lush scene. it makes it more tangible, because then it could be anybody, anywhere.

  2. I do not know you but this is spectacular you can feel the emotion you can feel the hurt with the hatred i love it you are very talented i don't know who you are but i love your writings

  3. Thank you stranger, I really appreciate it.

  4. I agree with Att... I like that it could be anyone. It allows the reader to be a ghost in someone's kitchen on a gloomy morning.