Monday, October 12, 2009


sunshine, oh sunshine!
you flutter amongst these pages
and kiss me to the sound of laughter
on the green, green grass.

i cling to this parchment,
feel it's fibrous wrinkles against
my fingertips.
"i know you are in there,
oh sunshine!

i shall come in after you,"
i shout, as i watch this
burst of blueredorangeyellow sound
swirl around me.

i've been searching for months for
you and your
unapologetic rays, oh sunshine.

i shall journey into this
manuscript, careful not to
get ink on my hands
or scuff my knees on
the serifs you hide behind.

i shall hold your birds
until you return,
to cast shadows in the
forest and dance among
the cobblestone streets.

oh sunshine,
cast your light upon my face,
and i will wash my hands of avian blood.

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